Embark's online admissions software has powered more than 14 million student applications to hundreds of universities and fellowships globally.

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Embark provides end to end support throughout your admissions lifecycle

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Manage your entire recruiting and outreach process from initial contact to application submission with robust CRM functionality and comprehensive reporting

  • Capture prospective applicant information via hosted inquiry forms or upload lead lists from third-party sources
  • Create customized marketing content and send automated campaigns to prospective students
  • Use the dynamic dashboard and extensive campaign metrics to measure the efficacy of your efforts
  • Track conversions with full visibility into students as they move through the admissions lifecycle


Create a cloud-based and branded student portal to collect application data, documents, and recommendations

  • Build, maintain and control every aspect of your own fully-dynamic and custom-designed application website
  • Mirror your existing website domain’s visual cues by leveraging CSS file uploads to ensure an application that is authentically your institution’s
  • Create unique pages, branches and requirements for applicants based on their unique value selections
  • Collect documents, media files and recommendations online securely and efficiently
  • Provide full status visibility throughout the process to both your students and references


Conduct a customized review workflow designed to facilitate evaluation across multiple programs with nuanced decision-making processes

  • Create custom groups and security roles to manage all staff and faculty permissions for an unlimited number of users
  • Send messages to colleagues directly via the Embark interface
  • Leverage embedded rules and alerts to keep tabs on all system activity and mitigate manual work
  • Score, rank and comment on candidates with options for blind and multistage review
  • Customize review screens to distill only the academic information and documents that your faculty and staff need to make informed decisions


Manage the entire post-submission process via the same Embark interface that you use for recruitment and admissions

  • Upload an unlimited number of decision letter templates into the system and then merge fields to share with the appropriate applicants online
  • Notify students of decisions and allow them to view, download and print their offer letters from the integrated student portal
  • Collect student responses to offers and tuition deposits with a custom, user-created form
  • Take advantage of numerous data export options to seamlessly transfer applicant data from Embark to your Student Information System
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