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We've powered more than 16 million online applications to companies, universities, fellowships and schools.

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Online Application Solutions

Create a dynamic experience to engage with your applicants.

Study Abroad

Let us help you find your dream college.

Online Application and Assessment Solutions

Embark has been in business since 1995 serving thousands of programs. We see our mission as being your partner in connecting people with opportunity.

Our application and assessment software has helped our clients with recruiting, accepting online applications, running an online review, enrolling students, and integrating with their data systems. Please choose the institution type that describes your organization or needs best to learn more. 

SIMPLE but powerful DAshboards

Embark’s software has been designed for ease of use and is backed up by our global support team. We match the look and feel of your web site so our portals are a natural extension of your site for your users.


We’ve worked with governments, companies, and schools and educational institutions around the word for the last 25+ years. We comply with GDPR (Europe’s privacy framework) and other global security and privacy mandates to ensure your users’ data stays safe.


Embark makes it easy to sort and filter your data so you can export what you need at any time, or set up your systems to pull data from ours in real time.  Keep an eye on your preferred key stats about your applicants from your personalized administrative dashboard.   Need to integrate with your data systems? No problem.  We have experience implementing daily or real-time integrations with dozens of enterprise, homegrown, and niche data systems.

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