Embark Campus


The most advanced, end-to-end online admissions software available, designed to suit programs of all shapes and sizes. Embark Campus can help you reach your goals, whether your organization needs a simple one page application or an institutional solution to manage multiple programs and workflow among thousands of reviewers. Embark’s solution and our support team will make it easy for you to manage every stage of the admissions life cycle and create a customized experience for applicants and administrators alike.

  • Full control of your own application process with our intuitive student form building interface
  • End-to-end support for recruiting, applications, review and enrollment with reporting embedded at every step
  • Fully customized look and feel of your admissions experience with dynamically branching applications that provide unique questions depending on different student scenarios
  • Sophisticated and streamlined screens for review
  • Rule-based communication engine that eliminates repetitive manual work throughout the student lifecycle
  • Access to powerful analytics to build a more successful student body over time
  • Around-the-clock access to technical support for administrators, recommenders and applicants
  • Full integration with your student information system