Music Programs

The Embark Music Program Solution features:

  • Adaptive application workflow available in all forms to present specific fields, pages and uploads to different types of students.
  • Uploads of all types of video and audio files by applicants, with streaming high quality access for reviewers.
  • Online recommendation portal to allow for seamless request and submission of references with full visibility for all parties.
  • Integrated payment processing to collect application fees, tuition deposits and other payments.
  • Management portal with integrated communication tools to help you stay in touch with students throughout the process.
  • Full CRM and application evaluation functionality to manage the entire process from end to end.
  • Automated workflow controls to manage the routing of applications and conduct a collaborative review process with scoring, ranking, commenting and final decisions.
  • Granular level of user permissions to enable creation of users and user groups on the fly with specific levels of access to data and actions.
  • Post-submission portal to share status updates with applicants, exchange documents like acceptance letters online, and provide web forms for student response to offers and funding.

Select Music Programs from Embark’s list of clients include:

Devyn Gardner      Devyn Gardner
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