Undergraduate Institutions

At Embark, we understand that the decision to apply to higher education is one of the biggest any young person and their family will make. That’s why our Undergraduate Solution is designed to make the process as easy as possible – for all parties involved. Our online platform provides students with a way to easily, quickly and painlessly submit their applications, documents, recommendations and payments. And it affords admissions and faculty the tools they need to recruit top students, review their files, make informed decisions about their incoming classes, and communicate decisions to accepted applicants.

The Embark Undergraduate Solution features:

  • Recruiting and CRM functionality to help you attract and engage with interested students, their parents and counselors.
  • Fully-hosted and completely customizable online application to collect data, documents, recommendations and fees from applicants.
  • Integration with the Common Application or other third-party forms allowing you to manage all data in one interface.
  • Robust management and reporting tools to conduct an entirely online review process across admissions, faculty and other staff.
  • Integrated portal to manage the post-submission stage, communicate decisions to applicants, collect tuition deposits, and share documents with enrolling students entirely online.
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